Comparing Open Source Projects (SPO600 Lab 1)

This lab is about comparing two open source projects with different licenses, and comparing the process of contributing to them. I will be comparing the Bootstrap web framework (under the MIT license) and Mozilla FireFox (under the Mozilla Public License), by analyzing one software “patch”.


The issue and patch. From start to finish, 4 people were involved in this patch. It began with someone claiming a bug, and other people verifying that it exists. The person who posted the bug posted a fix, and others commented on it and voiced any issues. One other person changed the code with their own commit. The issue was posted on may 23 and was resolved on July 15, totaling 63 days.


Mozzilla FireFox

This is the bug fix I chose to analyze. From the posting of the bug to resolution took 7 days in total, and took 3 people: the person working on the fix and two people reviewing it.

According to mozilla, the official process of contributing is:

  1. Build the project
  2. Find a bug
  3. Fix the bug
  4. Get code reviewed
  5. Respond to the review
  6. Automated testing

In this case, it does seem to match these steps. The review itself involved a reviewer pointing out errors and requesting certain changes to be made. A second review then came in and clarified that some of the issues the first reviewer had were not problems with the code being submitted, but a version problem on the reviewer’s side. The process seems relatively quick, and with enough collaboration to catch issues well.

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